Thursday, September 15, 2011

The 50/50 Project

I was painting a lawn chair, listening to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's radio show SUNDAY EDITION, when I first heard about the Somalian refugees tramping miles and miles to reach the camps. They left grandparents behind knowing they would die. They journeyed with the sickening certainty that not all their children would survive the trip. When they finally arrived at what they'd held out as a last bastion of hope, they were confronted with harsh and bitter disappointment; resources were slim to nil. Trying to imagine the horrible circumstances they face, wrought by starvation, drought and war tore me up. I needed to do something. The 50/50 Project is it.

Kathy-Diane Leveille

FIFTY PAGES FOR FIFTY DOLLARS: That's the 50/50 Project.

How does it work? Working with CARE INTERNATIONAL, Writers who CARE: the 50/50 PROJECT will allow anyone who makes a donation of $50.00 to submit 50 pages double-spaced of a work-in-progress for a 1-2 page critique by one of the participating authors.  All donators wishing a critique must have access to e-mail and the Internet for correspondence with a published author in order to qualify. Authors and donators will be matched on a first come, first serve basis as long as slots are open. The project is also open to those wishing simply to make a donation to this worthy cause.


INSTRUCTIONS: If you are interested in participating and receiving a critique, start studying the PARTICIPATING PUBLISHED AUTHORS page listed above. Read the author bios and research their web sites (click on author's photos in side bar for direct link). Once you make a donation and are contacted, you will be asked to rank your top five picks for your critique. You will then be matched depending on which authors are still available at the time of your donation. At that point, you will be contacted by your matched author who will provide their own specific submission requirements for the 50-page submission (at their discretion). Donators are responsible for providing submissions that meet requirements to be eligible for a critique.

The critique will not consist of line editing, but a general overview of plot, character, setting, voice etc at the author's discretion provided within 90 days of receipt. These exceptionally talented North American and UK writers hail from a wide range of literary and genre fiction: romance, paranormal, mystery, thriller, young adult, historical and mainstream; along with a smaller percentage of literary biography, memoir and journalists. Once all authors are matched the notification that we are no longer accepting critiques will be posted on the MAKE A DONATION page.  Anyone can make a donation to this cause whether you wish to receive a critique or not.

Anyone receiving a critique is not eligible for a tax receipt according to CCRA rules since a service is being provided.
Thank you for considering Writers who CARE: The 50/50 Project. We appreciate any support you can give. For more information contact

Please be patient in waiting to be contacted by 50/50 once you've made a donation. You should hear from us within 5-7 days. CARE will forward a list of current donors to us at the end of each week.  In the meantime, research the authors and prepare your list of preferences for critique if you plan to request one.

Participating authors are members of numerous professional writing associations including The Writers' Union of Canada, International ThrillWriters, The Crime Writers' Association (UK), Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, The Romance Writers of America, RWA Kiss of Death Romantic Suspence Chapter, Professional Writers' Association of Canada, The Society of Authors (UK), Canadian Writers' Group, Travel Media Association of Canada, The Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia and The Writers' Federation of New Brunswick.

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