Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Who is donating?

Thank you to those who have contributed to our cause. To date, we have have raised over $400.00.  Here's a look at a few of the people who have donated:

I have a dual rationale for donating. First, I truly believe that we need to promote awareness of the crisis in Eastern Africa. Secondly, it afforded me the opportunity to donate to a worthwhile cause while connecting with other writers. I am grateful to those experienced writers who agreed to read our work. It is their generous support, and the effort behind Writers Who Care, that is truly inspiring.
-Andrea Kikuchi

I decided to donate to Writers Who Care for a couple of reasons. The first is that I support, as much as my pocketbook will allow, writer sponsored charity drives because I know the funds raised will go to where the help is most needed. The situation in Somalia is devastating. The second is the opportunity to have my manuscript evaluated by a well known published author. In my case, Ashley March, a well known romance author.
Writers Who Care came at a good time for me because I’d just entered Lord Beaumont’s Bride in to the Romance Writers' of America’s Golden Heart writing competition for unpublished authors. Lord Beaumont’s Bride, is about an innocent spinster seeking love and the rake who traps her into marriage.

-Ella Quinn
I believe that we are all connected in time and space in this planet of ours and that we share pains and laughs even from far away. Thus, we feel a sense of obligation to help, within the constraints of our means, our brothers and sisters in distress regardless of where they live. I had already made a contribution through my church, but could not resist Kathy-Diane’s call. I do not consider myself either a writer or a poet. I just enjoy writing, shifting from essays to short stories and poems and even to the composition of songs.  Three months ago I organized my poems into a collection of 37 pieces and was looking for an experienced writer to find out whether they were any good. When Lee Thompson, the executive director of the Writers' Federation of New Brunswick, forwarded Kathy-Diane’s message, I thought that my prayers had been answered. Not only was I going to receive a general evaluation of my poems at a nominal cost, but my contribution would go to a worthy cause.  Yours was a great idea, Kathy-Diane. As a beneficiary of your creativity, I am very grateful to you and to Mike Blouin, who kindly agreed to read my poems. 

-Joe Ruggeri

I think the 50 pages for 50 dollars initiative is creative and fun. It makes donating a two-way street. I'm sure that writers, like most artists, don't have a whole lot of extra cash to donate themselves, but they have big hearts and want to do what they can. Lovely idea of someone else providing the cash and the writers showing their expertise and experience. It's brilliant.  

-Jen Powley

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